GCSE Music

Music is the tool to express life and all that makes a difference.

Why study Music?

Course Content

What will I learn?

 You will develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in performing, composing and appraising music.

  • You will gain experience performing as a soloist (instrumental or vocal) and as a member of various class ensembles. Candidates need to be competent performers (aiming to achieve Grade 4 or higher by Year 11) It is preferable for students to be having lessons on their chosen instrument (or voice).  Discounts on instrumental or vocal lessons arranged in school are available for GCSE Music students.
  • You will learn to compose individually and in groups in a variety of musical styles including song-writing. As part of this, you will learn how to use music software – Sibelius (notation software) and Cubase (sequencing software).  There are also an increasing number of app-based compositional tools which students are encouraged to explore.

How will it be assessed?

  • You will study four areas of music, including set works from each topic, which will form the basis of the Appraising Music written examination:
    • Instrumental Music
    • Vocal Music (including pop/rock)
    • Music for Stage and Screen
    • Fusions
  • Some knowledge of music theory and notation is helpful, but all essential skills in this area are taught as part of the course. The work covered in Key Stage 3 has been designed to provide a foundation for any student to access GCSE Music.
  • GCSE Music is essential preparation for further study in Music e.g. A Level, BTEC or equivalent qualifications.
  • GCSE Music students should be excited by the prospect of learning more about the subject and be keen to expand and broaden their understanding in this area. Music GCSE, as well as being a recognised academic subject, also offers practical and creative opportunities to students and can provide an excellent counterpart to other curriculum subjects.

Component 1- Performance (Solo & Ensemble): Coursework, 30%.

Component 2 – Composition (2 compositions): Coursework, 30%.

Component 3 – Appraising Music: Written Exam, 105min, 40%. 

Further information:

For further information on the Music Specification: Click here