Welcome to bSG Sixth Form

Welcome to Bournemouth School for Girls

At Bournemouth School for girls we focus on helping our students in building brighter futures. We want every student to work hard, be ambitious and kind. Diversity is our greatest strength.

I know that choosing where to study Post-16 is an important decision, and we hope we can help and support you with this.

The transition to Sixth Form can be daunting and we therefore offer a range of opportunities to help all our prospective sixth form students choose their sixth form, subjects and to settle in. Following our open evening any Year 11 is invited to join us for a Taster Day on 14th November 2023 to experience four A level subjects and have a chance to help shape what their sixth form experience will look like. For anyone new to our school this is followed by a meeting with a member of the sixth form team with a tour to help them in making their decision about whether we are right for the next step in their journey. Our year 11 students are offered a one to one conversation about their subject choices and future plans to help guide them in their next steps. In June all students will be invited to our induction days. Freshers activities in the early weeks in September will be the culmination of this transition. 

By choosing our sixth form, we will help you to unlock your potential and provide support which enables success at a time when we believe you are taking the important step towards taking greater responsibility for your own learning. We support our students in bridging the gap between school and university, or an apprenticeship and your future career.

As a mother of two adults I have first-hand experience of supporting teenagers through the educational journey. From choosing a sixth form place to parents’ evening, exam stress to results day and beyond. I am familiar with both sides of the process and understand it is not without challenge.

On a personal note, my focus is very much on the well-being of each student as a whole person. Life is a journey not a race and, alongside academic achievement, young people need to be nurtured emotionally: to manage change, to be dignified in success and understand that even failure can lead to greater accomplishment. Academic success is important, but I am equally passionate that as a sixth form we foster independence, resilience and creativity. I believe that the key to exam success is not only though delivering excellence with inspirational teaching and a stimulating learning environment, but also balancing hard work at sixth form with other meaningful interests and enriching activities. Encouraging students to engage with the world beyond the classroom is very important to me and helps in building strong communities.

We very much enjoy keeping in touch with our alumni and using their diverse talents in supporting our students in getting ready for their adult lives. I am very proud that our track record of helping students achieve their first choice of university or work-based placement continues with a high percentage of students going on to university including Russell Group, Oxbridge and medicine. Of course with opportunities for degree apprenticeships and prestigious school leaver programmes, it is an exciting time to be guiding students in choosing their future education and career pathways.

However, perhaps my greatest joy in working in sixth form is that I find it extremely inspiring being around our students. They give me insight and cheer on a daily basis and make me feel extremely optimistic about the kind of society we are building for the future. Those who choose Bournemouth School for girls are in safe hands and will be well-prepared for the future.

I look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Stephanie Fenner, Head of Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form at BSG!

This is a very exciting time to be thinking about what you are going to do after Year 11. There are so many choices available to you and it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of all of them. This will help you to make an informed decision about your future.
It will help if you consider which courses might suit you best in terms of the type of course, what it includes and the qualifications you will receive and then try to match this up with your own strengths and skills and what you hope to do with your qualifications when you leave school.
When you join (or continue on in to) our sixth form, you will get top quality teaching which will help you to get the very best grades possible. In addition, you will have a whole range of experiences and opportunities which will give you the ’edge’ as you prepare for higher education and the world of work.
Whichever subjects you choose you can be sure that you are in safe hands! Our highly experienced and caring staff will be there, ready to support you and help you through your time in the sixth form, enabling you to do the very best you possibly can!
I do hope you will want to join us.
With all good wishes.
David Sims, Headteacher

Our school is committed to achieving the highest academic standards through a broad and balanced education within a stimulating environment. We also believe academic excellence goes hand in hand with the moral, spiritual and cultural development of the whole person. We want to nurture the individual talents of all our students so that they are able to make a difference in the wider world.

We want our students to be:
• happy
• enquiring
• highly motivated
• determined
• able to reach their full potential
• mindful of the needs of others
• polite, tolerant and helpful
• proud of their school.

Is BSG right for me?
This may seem a strange question to ask but it is one which you should consider carefully. Bournemouth School for Girls has over 800 students in Years 7 to 11. The Sixth Form, of just over 300 students, is an extremely important part of the school. Bournemouth School for Girls is a very busy and exciting environment providing Sixth Form students with plenty of opportunities to develop leadership skills and to get involved with younger members of the school community. This can be extremely rewarding but at the same time places a responsibility on you to become an appropriate ‘role model’ to the many young girls who will look up to you.

As a Sixth Form student, you are of course continuing your studies out of choice but as a member of a school community, rather than a college, there are restrictions and expectations placed upon you; for example, attendance at registration and lessons, no smoking and the way that you dress