Online Safety

Protecting staff and students in a digital age

Technology opens up exciting opportunities for young people. Children need to be guided to move safely in this digital world. All pupils will be taught how to keep themselves safe online in school in Computer Science lessons and PSHE lessons.

Online Safety Basics

As a minimum, parents should be aware of what their children are accessing on the Internet, ensuring that privacy levels are set to the highest possible level and that they do not give out personal information to strangers. It is strongly recommended that parental controls are set on devices and this is explained in the section below.

Setting up Parental Controls

This guide will help you set up parental controls to provide your child with a safer online environment. Parental controls can help to protect your child from seeing something that they shouldn’t – although it is important to emphasise that no system is effective all of the time so it is important to engage with your child and talk to them about their online life regularly. Click here for the latest Parental Controls Guide.

Online Safety Lead

Mr. mark Peddle

Useful Websites

CEOP ‘Think U Know’ has some good resources for parents and pupils.

NSPCC is another excellent website.

BSG Online Safety Newsletters