Drama & Theatre A Level

Head of Performing Arts and Head of Department:
Mr M Whiteside

Subject Leader:
Mrs J Franklin

Why choose the subject?
The Drama Department is housed, with the Music Department, within the Performing Arts Centre at BSG. We are most fortunate to have a large performance studio, a smaller performance studio, both fully equipped, as well as a Lecture Room, Recording Studio, ICT suite and spacious foyer.

This course:
• involves a unique combination of academic study and practical activity.
• develops valuable life skills: team-work, self-confidence, communication, application of theory to practice.
• is appreciated as contributing to students’ people skills – vital in many careers including medicine, law, teaching and business management.
• is the obvious choice for anyone hoping to pursue a career in the theatre or the media whether as a performer, designer, director, producer or technician.

Who is eligible?
Anyone with an interest in Drama and the world of the theatre. A GCSE in Drama is not essential. However, energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to engage fully with all aspects of the course (including acting in lessons if not for assessment) are vital prerequisites, as is a commitment to attending a wide range of live theatre productions, both with the department and through individual initiative. Completing all written assignments to a high standard is crucial to success.

Qualification Type: A Level only (2 year)

Specification: Year 2023/2025 Advanced Level Award Examination Board: AQA

We want students to have an inspiring experience of A-level Drama and Theatre.

This qualification emphasises practical creativity alongside research and theoretical understanding. Students learn through experience, seeing theatre and making theatre for themselves. Students are introduced to a wide range of theatrical styles and contexts as they explore plays practically, devise and work on performances.

Students choose to develop as a:
• performer
• designer (lighting, sound, set, costume, puppets)
• director
• combination of these.

Whichever option they choose, students will gain many invaluable skills, both theatrical and transferable, to expand their horizons.

Drama and Theatre – Exam
What is assessed?
Knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre. The study of TWO set texts. Analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers.
How is it assessed?
Written exam – 3 hours, Open Book, 80 marks, 40% of the A Level.

Creating Original Drama – Practical
What is being assessed?
The Process of Creating Devised Drama; Performance of Devised Drama – Influenced by the work and methodologies of one prescribed practitioner.
How is it assessed?
Working Notebook (40 Marks), Devised Performance (20 Marks), 30% of the A Level.

Making Theatre – Practical
What is being assessed?
Practical exploration and interpretation of THREE extracts each taken from a different play. Extract THREE is to be performed as a final assessed piece. Reflective Report analysing and evaluating theatrical interpretation of all THREE extracts.
How is it assessed? Performance of Extract Three – (40 marks), Reflective Report – (20 marks), 30% of the A Level.

Higher education institutions (HEIs) value and respect the skills our drama and theatre qualifications give students. We developed this specification with help from HEIs and we’ve really made the most of the advice they gave us. By incorporating the approach they take with drama and theatre undergraduates into this A-level, your students will be really well prepared for the demands of university and beyond.

This course is commonly studied with:
As an A-Level subject, drama complements several other A-Level courses, including music, art and design, media, English language or literature.

Future Careers:
Actor Arts administrator, Community arts worker, Digital marketer, Dramatherapist, Entertainer, Events manager, Image consultant, Lighting technician, Live sound engineer, Media researcher, Pop musician and more…