Business Studies A Level

Head of Department

Mr S Collins

Why choose the subject?
Business enables students to engage with, explore and understand business behaviour and develop a critical understanding of the subject. Much of the course content is based around decision making in the different areas of Business and the influences on this process. The course provides an excellent grounding in the principles of Business.

Who is eligible?
The syllabus assumes no previous study of Business Studies but allows for a progression from GCSEs in this subject.

Qualification Type: A Level only (2 year)

Specification: Year 2023/2025 Advanced Level Award Examination Board: AQA

• What is business • Managers, leadership and decision making • Decision making to improve marketing performance • Decision making to improve financial performance • Decision making to improve operational performance • Decision making to improve human resource performance • Analysing the strategic position of a business • Choosing strategic direction • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies • Managing strategic change

New to the course
• Course content updated to include areas such as: digital marketing, data mining and e-commerce • Shares and share dealing studied for the first time • More theories and numerical techniques to increase challenge and credibility of qualification

Methods of Teaching
Students develop their skills in class through working on past papers, group work, class discussion of real-world stimulus material, individual work on case studies/ data response and videos. Course Companions are provided for all modules studied, which act as an excellent basis for revision guides. Students are also encouraged to extend their learning through independent work.

3 papers taken at the end of the second year:

Paper 1
• 2 hour written exam • 100 marks in total • 33.3% of A level • 15 Multiple choice questions • Short answer questions • 2 essays

Paper 2
• 2 hour written exam • 100 marks in total • 33.3% of A Level • 3 data response questions (made up of 3 or 4 part questions)

Paper 3
• 2 hour written exam • 100 marks in total • 33.3% of A level • 1 case study with 6 questions

Business is worth pursuing for its own sake, but it is a useful qualification for those hoping to go directly into employment or aiming to go on to higher education. Employers like students who have studied Business as it makes them more immediately employable. Many students progress on to Business related degree courses. In addition, many degree subjects have a business module, so studying this subject can be extremely useful whatever path students might eventually follow. Students develop skills and knowledge very relevant to the modern world.

This course is commonly studied with:
As an A-Level subject, Business complements several other A-Level courses, including Economics, Maths, Design Technology and Computer Science.

Future Careers:
Bank manager, Business analyst, Business development manager, Business project manager, Customer services manager, Digital marketer, Estate agent, Financial adviser, Human resources officer, Investment analyst, Management consultant, Market researcher, Pensions adviser, Public relations officer, Retail buyer, Retail merchandiser, Road transport manager, Sales manager.