Fashion and Textiles A Level

Head of Department
Mr J Winrow

Deputy Head of Department
Mrs K Instance

Why choose the subject?
The main aim of this course is to develop an awareness of, and to study in depth, the nature and use of Textiles and provide the opportunity to study further the scientific, historical and cultural or commercial aspects of the subject. Designing and making is at the heart of the course.

Who is eligible?
Students with enthusiasm and a keen interest to work in Fashion with fabric and textile materials in addition multi-media materials. Previous experience in Fashion and Textiles is not essential. A GCSE in any Design Technology area or Art and Design is an advantage.

Qualification Type: A Level only (2 year)

Specification: Year 2023/2025 Advanced Level Award Examination Board: AQA 7552

The course will strengthen your critical thinking and problem solving skills within a creative environment, enabling you to develop and make prototypes that solve real world problems, considering your own and others’ needs, wants, aspirations and values.

• You will develop intellectual curiosity of the design and manufacture of products and systems, and their impact on daily life and the wider world, making you a more discriminating purchaser
• It will help you to be creative in your approach to work and develop your sketching ability and use of digital technologies in designing and creating quality products
• You will learn about a range of materials and, components and manufacturing methods to help create functional products
• You will learn to work collaboratively to develop and refine your ideas, responding to feedback from users, peers and expert practitioners
• You will gain an insight into the creative, engineering and/or manufacturing industries and learn about the iterative design practices and strategies they use
• You will learn about important issues that effect design in the wider world such as sustainability, globalisation and inclusive design; in order to become an empathetic and successful designer who can consider wider social implications of products

Written Paper 1- Technical principles.
Written paper with a mixture of short and extended response questions. 120 marks, 30% of total A level mark 2.5 hour written paper.

Written Paper 2 Designing and making principles
Written paper with a mixture of multiple choice, short and extended response questions
• Section A: Product analysis questions based on a visual stimulus (30 marks)
• Section B: Commercial manufacture questions (50 marks)
80 marks, 20% of total A level mark 1.5 hour written examination

Non examination assessment
Written (or electronic) design portfolio and manufactured outcome. (100 marks) Students are required to undertake a single substantial design and make task. Approximately 45 hours’ work. 50% of total A level mark.

Fashion is a fast-moving and diverse international industry. Fashion and Textiles as an A level subjects offers a unique challenge unlike any other A level options.

With Textiles, innovation and originality are encouraged as the course supports your creative, practical and intellectual development. You get to work in a dynamic atmosphere, where the teachers constantly challenge you to push boundaries, trying new techniques and creative methods of working. Through individual investigation you will explore relevant, exciting topics in society and the media that interest you. Textiles presents you with refreshing opportunities such as the Royal Opera House Design Challenge where you compete on a national level in a country-wide costume competition.

Whether you aspire for a career in the industry or fancy a bit of a contrast between academia and creativity, Textiles is the right subject for you. Whilst being an extremely enjoyable endeavour, you will also develop key transferable UCAS application.

This course is commonly studied with:
Fashion and Textiles is an interdisciplinary subject which is student focused. It is designed to be either a complementary subject to Art and Design/Theatre Studies/Media/Business or a contrasting subject to demonstrate breadth and balance.

Future Careers:
Fashion, engineering, architecture, information technology, product design.