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BSG Alumna talks Apprenticeships

We welcomed back Izzy Kenny (who finished at BSG Sixth Form in 2020) to come and talk to our students about her Degree Apprenticeship she is studying with Ageas.

Alongside Izzy, was her colleague Jane Radivojsa, a Portfolio Test Lead from Ageas UK.

They both presented the opportunities available in the fast growing apprenticeship market.

Ageas offer Degree Apprenticeships (Level 6), where students study for a degree in IT whilst working four days a week over 4 years. Starting salaries with this company are £22,000 (alongside paying for students’ degrees), which over the time of the apprenticeship makes students over £140,000 better off compared to the traditional university route.

Izzy also told her own story, she studied sciences and maths to A Level at BSG. Izzy was part of the first cohort who left during the pandemic. After initially deferring entry to university, she came across the opportunity to work with Ageas and complete a  Level 6 Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship.

She loves what she is now doing, and aims to specialise in Data Analytics by the end of her course.

Izzy left some key pieces of advice to our students:

  • Don’t pressure yourself through your studies and exams, just make sure you are organised and focused and you’ll be fine;
  • Ask for advice from people you trust, but not too much advice as it’s your decision;
  • Choose what you enjoy;
  • University is not the only option, apprenticeships also offer opportunity;
  • Choose what’s right for you!

Thanks to Ageas and Izzy for coming along, it was really informative. To find out more information about the fantastic opportunities given by apprenticeships go to: Apprenticeships