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School News

New Uniform Update

I thank the parents who took the time to express their views following the presentation I made last term. The school’s leadership team met again with Stevensons this week to finalise the changes to uniform that will take place from September 2023. In the light of your feedback, we have made the
following alterations to the original proposals:
 Changed from a blue blouse to a white one (on the basis that open necked blouses are more
widely available from alternative suppliers and better match the new skirt colour scheme)
 Removed the coloured trim from the school jumper to both save cost and allow purchase from other suppliers
I am confident that the new uniform is both smart and distinctive and very pleased that it can be purchased at a significantly reduced cost when compared to the current uniform. Moreover, we have negotiated a further discount for parents purchasing uniform in the summer window of June and July and have also been able to secure price reductions to the school’s PE kit.
Whilst these changes will affect all Year 6 pupils joining the school in September 2023, may I reassure parents that current pupils may continue to wear the legacy uniform (which Stevensons will continue to supply); in practice, it is my expectation that those in the current Years 7-9 are likely to switch to the new uniform when they grow out of their current jacket or skirt.
We will also continue to offer financial support towards uniform purchase for those families that need it.

Mr. Sims