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Year 11 Mock Exams

(Tuesday 3rd Jan- Friday 13th Jan)

In the New Year we begin our first mock exam season for current year 11 students. We know students have already been preparing hard for these this half term. Students should have received the ‘Preparation for Mocks’ booklet. This details the exam timetable; some handy exam advice and specific preparation work students can do for a range of subjects they take.

The mocks will not only allow students to check progress, but they will also enable their teachers to assess students’ strengths and weaknesses and allow them to guide students in their final few months of GCSEs.

I have included the mock exam timetable for year 11s. Please note there is no study leave, all students must attend school as normal and when not in an exam will be either completing revision under guidance from their normal teachers or self-studying in their normal lessons. Also included are the examination rules for our centre which we also impose during the mock exams. We hope you can support your child in being prepared and organised during the mock exams.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to state how we have enjoyed providing extra support in preparation for exams via the Learning Curve lessons. Students have had these sessions with either a member of SLT or the Psychology department staff this year. We have been looking at the evidence- based approaches to learning, revising and looking after physical and mental well-being. Co-ordinated by Miss Scriven (Head of Social Sciences) it has enabled our students to develop study skills and put them into action in supervised study sessions.

We’ve been really pleased how year 11s have participated in these sessions and hope they find them useful in preparing for their mock exams.

Good luck to all students for their mocks.

Mr. Osborne, Assistant Headteacher